Discover the new Versa solution for home composting

The practice of composting is the most natural solution to dispose the oganic waste from kitchen and garden and at the same time to produce excellent fertilizer

While designing the Horto line we tried to simulate what happens in nature through the maximum interchange with the ground and the atmosphere, as well as the improvement some conditions such as the thermal insulation, the preservation of the right degree of humidity and the protection against atmospheric agents.
Horto is the traditional model of aerated compost container for the home management of compostable organic waste, with capacity varying from 200 to 980 liters.

Horto can save the bees!

Bee-friendly micro-arachnids, also known as wood scorpions or psuedoscorpions, thrive in rich compost, and luckily, they love eating varroa mites! Varroa mites are external parasitic mites that plague honeybees and their beekeepers who don’t use pesticides. To effectively eradicate these mites, line the bottoms of beehives with compost. As mites drop off of the bees, they will be eaten by the wood scorpions in the compost. Sprinkling fresh peppermint leaves in the hive can help cause mites to drop.



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