A waste management system that might be the answer to landfills

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Abhishek Gupta quotes Christopher Columbus in response to why he left a well-established family business to start a venture with his brother, Aayush Gupta.

With environment being a cause close to his heart, Abhishek decided to startup in the space. He adds, “Stumbling on the idea of waste management immediately struck a chord wherein both my passion towards the environment and the aspiration of venturing into something new were addressed. Waste management has always been a much unorganised sector and with our identified technology, I knew that we could create a change in this segment by offering a decentralised process which is the need of the hour.”Aayush started his career with the family business of gensets. When Abhishek expressed his desire to get into a new business, Aayush decided to take up the challenge with him. Abhishek and Aayush founded Reddonatura three years back. ‘RNature’ by Reddonatura is a waste management system that decomposes kitchen waste into organic manure. The machine does not use any chemicals to do so, claim Abhishek and Aayush. Aayush adds, “The core solution that we sell is not only a business idea but will contribute to the well-being of people around as well.” ‘Reddo’ in latin means giving back and ‘natura’ means nature. The name fit with the ideology of the company and hence came to be. 


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