The need for innovative and cost-effective technologies is what drives us to improve our products and solutions. At VERSA, we are committed to supplying the world with the highest quality technologies and solutions,in a wide range of sectors including Bio-Gas energy drone technology, green waste and recycling.


Throughout the past many years at versa, we’ve had the privilege of serving many top-ranking clients in the Gulf region and the UK. Our fast-growing customer base includes many private institutions and organizations, academic institutions, hotels, equestrian clubs as well as national zoos, resorts, stables, farms, municipalities...


Highest quality technology and solutions, in a wide range of sectors.


High quality products and services that meets your expectations


We are committed to delivering the best quality forward-thinking products and services.


We achieve best practice through dedication, new ideas, and professionalism.


We create a winning outcome for people and our customers.


We seek proactive communication with customers for constant improvements to services quality.


Introducing organic waste conversion machines An organic waste management system that gives back to nature

With TÜV- CERTIFIED rNature you don’t get just a machine.

rNature converter machines from Reddonatura. The rNature range of converter machines addresses the organic waste management needs of variety of residential and commercial spaces.

Smart Cara – a revolutionary kitchen composting system

Smart Cara Food Waste Disposal Unit is the missing link to the food waste reduction eco-system as it reduces food waste by 80-90% in only 3 hours.

Horto - Containers for home composting

The practice of composting is the most natural solution to dispose the organic waste from kitchen and garden and at the same time to produce excellent fertilizer.


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Read more about the latest achievements and updates of VERSA and the world of waste management.

The best food waste solutions for your house

This machine has been around for a few years, is made in Korea and to date, has mostly been sold in the UK. It’s not a composter, but a food dehydrator & mulcher,

A waste management system that might be the answer to landfills

You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Abhishek Gupta quotes Christopher Columbus in response to why he left a well-established ....

Versa UK distributor HWIL on Agrimachinery News for Reddonatura

New machine from Reddonatura in India that can turn farmyard waste into compost has arrived in the UK for trial, Farmyard manure builds up on farms all year round....


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